Al Haramlek derived from the word
• “Harem”: pronounce:[haˈɾem] From the Arabic wordحرم
Literally meaning sacred place, Traditionally used to refer the women’s quarter in a household, the area is considered a sacred area where women can be at ease and kept safe.

As implied by the name the business was highly influenced by women founded in 1994 as a boutique establishment with a mission to create a luxury all Egyptian product that is appreciated on an international level.

Focusing on woman empowerment Al Haramlek employs over 200 Egyptian women working from their homes from all over Egypt, Including Minya, Fayoum, Helwan, and Kerdasa

Our portfolio includes collaborating with the renowned designer Christian Louboutin and Furnishing the Royal and presidential suites at several Four Seasons Hotels locally & internationally.

Al Haramlek’s Selection of luxury home linens are made using the finest Egyptian fabrics and embroidered with French DMC threads, with both seasonal collections and custom designs made to order the choices are limitless.